Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Help Wanted

APRIL!!!??? That was my last post? Well, I try.

I am hoping this post turns up on someone´s search for wanting to come to Ecuador to help. Maybe if I through in enough "key words" it´ll work. Maybe one of the two people who read my blog might know how to help. Or know someone who might be interested.

As a pilot, most of my time is taken up with flying and related duties. I have very much enjoyed travelling to the indigenous communities on my time off to help with various projects. One of the projects that has been met with tremendous interest (and some success) has been an outreach program based on self-sustaining food production.

If you have been following my letters, you are aware of the food needs of the indigenous people. If you haven´t, ask me! My trouble is that my time is so limited and I have very little knowledge and experience in the area of raising chickens, pigs, fish, goats, cattle, etc. I have been trying to connect with people here in Ecuador that can help, but I have not had much success with that.

The primary goal is to reach people spiritually to foster relationships with God. The vast majority of the people living in the jungle of Ecuador have been "reached with the Gospel" but struggle to maintain their churches and teach the next generation. There must be an "in" and a way to build confidence if there is going to be success with teaching the Bible. I have found it incredibly easy to get invitations to communities once word got out that I am helping people learn to raise chickens, fish and construct methane producing bio digesters.

Again, my problem is my time. I would love to help someone who has the expertise and time who is excited about reaching and working with the indigenous community of Ecuador. If you have any interest in this type of activity, be it for a week, two, a month, a year or longer. Please let me know!

If you want more info, look on past blogs or just email me and ask. I can´t wait to talk to you!

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Anonymous said...

Hi David and Maggie,
We're excited to hear of the expanding of your ministry and share with you the issue of seeing so much work to be done, and not as many people as we would like to see!

Keeping praying that the Lord will send the workers in His time. SIL in PNG have been praying for a number of years for more workers and the Lord is gradually sending them - so be encouraged, HE answers prayer (though maybe not how we would expect, or in our timeframe, or maybe He says "no".

love and blessings,

Noel and Catharine Carpenter PNG